Plugin: Jitter

Update Jan 3, 2011 Minor Update; Thanks to ThomThom
  • Internal changes which should speed it up a bit.
  • Works on geometry selected within a Group or Component.

Jitter randomly moves the vertices of the selection. Jitter operates on vertices, but you can select any combination of faces and edges.

Menu: Plugins/Jitter

Use: Select a collection of Faces and Edges, select Jitter from the menu. Large selection may take a long time.


jitter.rb <- Right-click this link and save the file to your computer. Move the file to your Plugins folder, then restart SketchUp.


Unknown said...

thanks for this, I had this on my mind for 3-4 weeks now, I think this is usefull for making garden shrubs and tree volumes ;)

chippwalters said...

It's also great for creating broken down buildings and furniture.

J said...

Πετσαγγουράκης Γιώργος,

I'm glad it is useful to you. Send me a picture of the result.

Unknown said...

Cool Jim..... very gehry!!!

Unknown said...

Here you go,... shrubs and a tree using jitter.

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