Plugin: Zoom Selection

Adds 2 menu items to the Camera Menu: Zoom Selection, and Zoom Out.
  • Zoom Selection zooms to the selected entities. If nothing is selected, zoom to the model extents.
  • Zoom Out zooms out by a factor of 2.
Download jf_zoom_selection.rb

I have set up 2 key shorcuts: 'z' for Zoom Selection, and 'Shift-Z' for Zoom Out.


Script writers can call these methods using the following syntax:
require "zoom_selection.rb"


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim (and thanks), i think the selection doesn't work when inside a group and the rest of the model is hidden. it will still snap to the extents of the hidden model - CadFather

Anonymous said...

I can't recall if SU already has this functionality... The other night I was wanting to center on my selection, but not push it to full screen.

Would this be a possible option to add? "Center Selected" (frame, but do not zoom in to). Maybe ALT + Z ?

J said...

nathan: should be do-able. I'll post an update when I can.

Ronnie Schmidt said...

Same as anonymous above. When inside a group or component, the Zoom Selected jumps out to include whole model even if hidden.

markcusp said...

Hey Jim;
Thanks for this, What a time saver!!!! Keep up the great work.

Mina said...

Hey Jim,
sorry i download the plugin but it was corrupted
works now,

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