New Version of gModeller from greenspaceLive

Derek from greenspaceLive wanted to announce the latest version of gModeller, an energy analysis plugin for Google SketchUp:

greenspaceLive are proud to reveal the latest version of gModeller, the only gbXML plug-in for Google Sketchup.

gModeller is a gbXML plug-in for Google SketchUp, and has been very popular within both the SketchUp and gbXML communities for its gbXML functionality. gModeller produces a gbXML file which is useable in many different energy analysis engines including gEnergy, IES, EDSL TAS and TRANE TRACE.

In this new release, gModeller offers to help you move your modelling into the Cloud as gModeller has now been integrated with gWorkspace, greenspaceLive's cloud storage service. gModeller now gives you to the option to backup, store and sync your SketchUp model and gbXML file automatically to gWorkspace within the cloud.

Once you have chosen to use gWorkspace with gModeller, you also now gain access to versioning of your model. gModeller will sync to gWorkspace every x minutes, and each of the previous versions of your model are available.

By using gModeller with gWorkspace, you now gain great productivity. Never again will you lose a model, and, by using gWorkspace's added functionality, you can now access previous versions of your model or gbXML and access them anywhere (provided you have internet access).

In addition to this, gWorkspaces sharing capabilities also allow you to share models with other greenspaceLive users, who you can connect with and share your models, including the latest versions.

gModeller and Google SketchUp just got more powerful.
Thanks, Derek!

WebDialog#set_html fails under Safari 5.0.6

It seems Safari 5.0.6 has broken SketchUp plugins that use the WebDialog#set_html() method. SketchUcation moderator ThomThom has summarized the issue and posted a work-around:

WebDialog.set_html fails under Safari 5.0.6:

Thom has also released an updated TT_Lib2 which resolves the issue for his many plugins.

Self-Serve Google+ Invitations

Google+ is telling me I have 145 invites, so click this link if you're interested.

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