Updated "Protrude" Plugin

Changes include:
  • Compatible with SU6 and SU7.
  • Takes advantage of performance enhancements in SU7.
  • Fixed bug for handling of comma as decimal point on German systems. (Thanks Stefan!)
  • Removed dubugging output in the Ruby Console.
  •  Uses current model's Units settings, including Precision setting.
  • Fixed bug where inputs could be selected but not edited. Yikes.
  • Can set "Reasonable" Offset and Height independently by clicking the labels "Offset" and "Height".
  • Added tooltip to "Offset" and "Height" labels.
To install, download the .zip file from the page below, and move the files into your plugins folder - over-writing the protrude.rb file and protrude folder (if it already exists.)

 See the Protrude page for download.

CADYOU: Free SketchUp Models, Textures & CAD Blocks

quicklink: http://www.cadyou.com

Tom Moor has launched a new site aimed at providing free, high-quality content for professional designers, architects, engineers, or anyone.

In Tom's words,
"it [cadyou] was born out of frustration for having to hunt through mountains of rubbish files, both for sketchup and autocad to get to the good stuff."

cadyou already has a nice collection of content; however, the success of the site really depends on user contributions. Anyone can sign up and upload content as long as they follow the cadyou community guidelines. Uploaded content can be licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses.


Plugin Roundup: EventRelay, Window Tool, JointSU, Sandbox2, Prince IO

SCF user pecan posted a new plugin called "EventRelay":

EventRelay allows a ruby script to receive all key, mouse, and menu events before
SketchUp does, and allows the script to accept, discard, or substitute some other
action for the event.


tomot released an update to his very nice window tool (here)

MarcioAB released a new plugin for aligning object called JointSU (here)

And finally zapwizard updated a thread with a link to plugins and instructions about how to get a SketchUp model into the Crysis Sandbox2 editor (here)

And even more finally but not leastly; Google SketchUp developer Scott Lininger posted the source code to the Prince IO Game plugin which can be seen at minute 21 in this video:

Plugin: RpTreeMaker

Al Hart, of Render Plus Systems Inc., wanted to let people know about their new, free plugin for creating tree components in SketchUp:

We have just released the Beta-test version of a new, free, add-on application for SketchUp - RpTreeMaker.


RpTreeMaker generates fractal trees based on parameters - tree type, number of trunks, number of roots, age, bending parameters, etc. - and the creates a tree image and places the tree as a 2D, always-face-camera, component into SketchUp.

Here is a sample Tree Image:


Here is a sample tree loaded into SketchUp on the 3D Warehouse:




Here is some documentation on how to use it:



Go here to download a copy:


Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Beta Test

Remember this is still in Beta Test - we plan to make improvements based on your comments. One feature still to be completed is to provide a polygon background for the tree so it will cast a shadow. For now, you can use the FormFonts script: ImageProfileto generate a polygon from the image to cast shadows.

        Albert Hart
        Render Plus Systems, Inc.



YouTube - Phlat Universal joint

Here's a new Phlatprinter video.


Q-BA-MAZE is planning on creating a free online version of their colorful marble-run game "available through SketchUp."

Clearly, SketchUp is the perfect design tool for the game, but it's not clear how deep the integration with SU will go. Will SketchUp simply be the design tool for an online game, or will the game be played within SketchUp?

I don't have the answer, but here is where to look.

Tiny SketchUp Houses

The Tiny House Blog is featuring some small houses designed using SketchUp. I find the idea of simplifying my life to a point where it would be practical to live in such a small space highly intriguing.

(link )

Plugin Preview: Profile Builder

Dale Martens (Whaat), author of the Subdivide & Smooth plugin, has posted a teaser video of his new commercial SketchUp plugin called Profile Builder.

(via sketchucation)

New SketchUp Pro Jobs Group

Jeff Lummis wrote in to let everyone know about his new SketchUp Pro Jobs group:

SketchUp Pro Jobs
(for the Professional users of SketchUp Pro' seeking jobs)

A new "SketchUp Pro Jobs" group has now been formed here and it is welcoming all SketchUp Pro users to join up, showcase their own content and provide contacts and links to their webpages. The Group is specifically intended for Professionals who have the "SketchUp Pro" version, and is intended to help people who seek to employ the services of a SU Pro Artist / Architect / or user find the right person for the job.

At "SketchUp Pro Jobs" you will be able to;

  • view members content and links to content pages,
  • reply to discussions, or start your own,
  • find quick links to other helpful SU sites through the pages,
  • share files, styles, images and other content,
  • create and add your own profile including images.

see "SketchUp Pro Jobs" at http://groups.google.com/group/sketchup-pro-jobs

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