I made a quick example of making terrain using Google SketchUp (not pro). It was tedious and the results questionable.

There are several examples of people creating similar models in the 3DW. Here's a few links:

Now compare these to an island done using the Pro version:

Kids Picnic Table

Download SketchUp model.

I got lazy while building this. It doesn't exactly match the model. It's still plenty strong and I may modify the model to match the real one.

Google Window Collection

I put together a model of all the windows I could find made by Google.

You can download it from the 3D Warehouse

Dragon Illusion

Bill was ingenious enough to have thought of this first. It's a very cool optical illusion that started life as a paper model, but works in SketchUp. There was a discussion about the model in the Google SketchUp group

Download it and orbit around.

Tip: Roof Pitch and the VCB

You can enter a roof's pitch right in the VCB if you use a colon. The following image shows the front view of a wall. Using the Protractor tool, select point 1, then select point 2. Move the mouse up slightly in the direction you want the slope to go (up in this case.) Next, enter 6:12 in the VCB. You should have a contruction line with a 6/12 pitch.

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