SketchUp Transformation Tweening Animation Videos

These 2 quick demo videos show Groups being animated in Google SketchUp.

Although the motion is most noticeable, it is not strictly the position that is being animated - each Group's Transformation is being tweened from the initial to a target Transformation. This means it should be possible to tween rotation and scaling of the Group also. The rotation is also shown in the videos, but the scaling is not working yet.

The first video shows a 'quad in/out' easing, and the second a 'back in/out' easing.

The animations are slow because my computer is old.

Embeded 3D Models from 3D Warehouse

It is now possible to embed any 3d model on Google's 3d Wharehouse on a web page.

Here is my Spiral Stair Dynamic Component Demo. It is a try at making the handrail completely dynamic. This demo is close, but not quite there yet. And below that, the options dialog for all the stair settings.

To include a model in your web page, first visit the 3d Warehouse page for that model. Then near the bottom, click the Include link, and select the 3d Option. Copy and paste the code into your web page.

SuRDebug Update v. 1.2.47

Sketchucation member pecan has just updated his SketchUp Ruby GUI Editor/Debugger with the following upates:

  • Added KeyMacs text key macro recorder/player
  • Added KeyBinder to define/store user hotkeys/shortcuts key definitions
  • Find/Search fixes and conveniences
  • Added Ruby Abbreviations code insertion (see Preferences)
  • Data Tooltip fixes.
  • Added Ruby Beautifier (see Tools menu)
  • Many fixes to code errors and annoyances.

Visit his Google code project here: Google Code Wiki

Point Merger Tools

BTM make his Ruby debut with a neat set of tools to merge points.

Here are 2 links to the demo videos:

Merge Points

Merge to Lines

Check them out - they could save you a lot of work if you work with terrains.

City Gen SketchUp Plugin

City Gen is a SketchUp Plugin project initiated by SketchUcation moderator Remus Knowles.

Some of the initial design goals included:
  • Module design to make adding features easier.
  • Rapid build-up of roads and buildings.
  • Possible dynamic level-of-detail depending on proximity to an object.

The project is in the early stages, but still does a couple of useful things - mainly creating roads from color-coded lines.

City Gen is an open-source project with the code hosted using Google Code, with general discussion hosted on the SketchUcation CityGen forums. There is a City Gen Blog, too.

The model below shows a building generator module for City Gen which I am currently ironing out.

Lego Architecture

I'm sure many of you have seen the new architecture series coming from Lego.

I was curious about the size of buildings. Assuming the bricks in this image are standard bricks, then this is about the actual size of this model.

I posted a .ldr file here.

SketchUp Fillet/Round-over Plugin

Fredo is working on an addition to the Round by Bezier plugin. The results look like what you would get if Follow Me worked in 3 dimensions. Can't wait.

Podium 1.7 Beta Released

A beta version of Podium version 1.7 is out. It features blurred reflections and an expanded Podium Wizard.

Get it here.

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