New and Updated SketchUp Plugins

A lot of new and updated plugins posted in the past couple of weeks. All of these are from the Sketchucation Forums.

Regular Polygon posted a new Superellipsoid plugin for drawing (you guessed it) superellipses. Also note his Sphere plugin has been updated to version 1.1, and Superellipse to 1.2.

 Thomas Thomassen released 3 new plugins:
  • Groups to Components - bulk conversion of Groups to Components.
  • SuperGlue - Quickly stick GlueTo components back to the faces they lie flush with, or use solvent to release them. Simply click and sweep across the faces and components.
  • Draw BoundingBox - Draws a box from the selected Group/Component. Skewed instances supported. 
 See all of Thom's plugins on sketchucation. He is also working on his first pay plugin for Vertex Editing.

WudWorx has release their 2nd sketchup woodworking plugin for drawing mortise and tenon joinery. Their Dovetail plugin being the first.

sahi has posted a plugin Group in Component to create a single Component from multiple copies of a Group.

FTPlus posted an exporter for T3D format. T3D is a format used by epic's 3d engines. Currently only UEd2(Unreal edit) is supported (UT99 e.g.).

Fredo posted a stand-alone script for making curved ramps called CurviShear. In addition, Fredo's beta plugin Curviloft for lofting and skinning has been updated to version 1.0b.

Didier Bur updated his popular Cloud plugin for importing and exporting point clouds in CSV format. Support has been added for DEM files, setting units, layers, and documentation. Not to mention his Ruby Library Depot has been completely updated.

TIG posted a command-line Camera plugin which includes several commands for setting Axo and Iso views.

c.plassais released a plugin for creating colored edges and dotted lines.

kyyu posted a plugin for creating slots for tabs. kyyu is a regular on the phlatforum where he writes sketchup plugins geared towards using SketchUp for 2.5D & 3D CNC design.

Finally, I posted an index of plugins on the Plugins Forum to help folks find and discover a few of the plugins which have been posted on Sketchucation.

SU2YafaRay: SketchUp Exporter for YafaRay

YafaRay is a free open-source raytracing engine. Raytracing is a rendering technique for generating realistic images by tracing the path of light through a 3D scene.

YafaRay forums memeber exvion has created an exporter to render Google SketchUp scenes with YafaRay.

[ SU2YafaRay forum | download the plugin ]

SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2010

2010 Google 3D Basecamp
September 1 – 3, 2010
Boulder, Colorado USA

Space is limited and spots are being filled by invitation. If you would like to attend but did not get an invitation, it may still be possible to get in. Google SketchUp product manager John Bacus explains in this forum topic:

Hi guys,

As always, enthusiasm for 3D Basecamp is high– both here at SketchUcation and with the SketchUp team at Google. I think we're going to have a great event again this year, and I look forward to seeing all of you that can make it. I appreciate the difficulty traveling to Boulder represents for those of you on the other side of the world, but we just couldn't swing an event in Europe this time around. We talked about it, but in the end we decided to celebrate our birthday at home here in Boulder.

Since there seems to be some uncertainty here on the invitation process, let me try to clarify. We are trying something a bit different this year. The idea was to invite a group of folks who we knew, and let them invite some people they knew, and so on until we filled up the available spots. Many regulars on this forum have been invited, and each of them can nominate ten more folks for the next wave of invites. Those folks have until the 13th of July to make their nominations.

So if you want to come, and you didn't get an invite yet... speak out here and ask for someone to nominate you!


Here's the important part again:

If you want to come, and you didn't get an invite yet... speak out here and ask for someone to nominate you!

[ 3D Basecamp Official Site ]

Regular Polygon Blog

Regular Polygon is a new Sketchup blog with the goal
to design and write creative Ruby plugins for SketchUp -- for free.

Regular Polygon currently has 3 drawing plugins available: Ellipse, Superellipse and Sphere. They do pretty much what their names suggest, although each plugin allows for customization of the geometry through dialogs.

The plugins are free, although donations are accepted.

Keep an eye on [ Regular Polygon ]

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