The First SketchUp Sunday Social (SUSS)

Rich Morin and Thomas Thomassen are organizing a SketchUp/Ruby developers IRC chat for this coming Sunday.

Thomas (ThomThom) and I would like to invite you to the first SketchUp Sunday Social (SUSS):

Date/time: Sunday, 2011.0109
1000-1200 (PST - CA, USA)
1800-2000 (GMT)

Venue: sketchup-dev (


* introductions and chatter
* optimization techniques
* Best Practices in plugins

As the acronym hints, SUSS is supposed to help us suss out how to solve SketchUp programming problems.
However, it’s also supposed to be a way for us to meet each other, hear about events and gossip, etc.
Hope to see you there!
Hope to see YOU there. (join #sketchup-dev channel via qwebirc)

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