TT's UV Toolkit Plugin Updated to version 2.0.0

Thomas Thomassen has updated his already great UV Toolkit plugin for SketchUp:

Fit Texture to Quad-faces (2.0.0)
Copy UV Co-ordinates
Paste UV Co-ordinates
Allows you to copy the way a texture is mapped on a quad-face to another quad-face. (See video for demonstration.)

Fit Texture to Quad-faces
Will try to fit the texture of the current material onto all quad-faces in the selection. The texture should fit once across the face, no tiling.

  • Select a textured material. (Make it the current one in the Painbucket tool.)
  • Select all the quad-faces you want to apply the texture to. (Anything else will be ignored.)
  • Plugins->UV Toolkit->Fit Texture to Quad-faces

  • The faces has to have only four corners. (Before 0.2.0b a quad-face could only have four vertices.)
  • Orientation is not uniform.
  • Texture is currently mapped to front faces only.

Get it at (login required)

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