Plugin: Selection Memory

Selection Memory is a Toolbar analogous to the Memory buttons on a calculator. The 4 buttons allow you to Store (MS) the current selection, Recall (MR) the stored selection, Add (M+) the current selection to memory, and Subtract (M-) the current selection from memory.

You can turn on and off the Toolbar from the View > Toolbars menu.

The plugin will not allow entities that are inside a Group or Component to be added to the selection memory. This is due to a bug in SketchUp.


(Updated 2013-02)

Plugin: The Homer Button

This plugin does... well it doesn't really do anything useful! It puts a little Homer on your Toolbar and plays a sound file. Just a fun little thing for when you have a Homer moment.

Download homer.rbz

(Jan 2013 - Link Updated.)

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