Today in SketchUpland

Check out Keyframe Animation at its new home at

SkIndigo 1.0.15 beta was released today: "Many big changes here including major export speedups. Please consider this a test release. Requires Indigo 3.0.X. "

The SketchUp API Blog is "highly recommending" developers of plugins for SketchUp use the SketchupExtension class for their plugins.

Thomas has recently released a couple of interesting new plugins and updates including Shell and Quad Faces

LimitlessComputing released SightSpace 3D which  "enables mobile viewing of Google SketchUp™ models."

A couple of interesting new plugins under development - bim-tools (scf topic) which creates walls from lines and hopes to be able to export to IFC, and Hatchfaces which applies a hatch pattern as a Group onto faces in SketchUp.

A new plugin by TIG called Drop Verticies allows a multitude of vertex manipulations along SketchUp's Z axis. Supports moving verts to nearest object, nearest below, nearest above, lowest, highest, and more.

And finally, scf user kyyu released a great utilility that limits the available handles when using SketchUp's Scale tool. This is a great help when modeling with lumber and sheet components.

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