Plugin: OBJ Importer

Update Dec 28, 2010 - TIG's OBJ Importer, based on this code, is likely a more robust plugin.

  • This is a basic importer for .obj files.
  • It works sometimes, but not all the time.
  • The .obj needs to be fairly well formed.
  • It does not support textures.
  • SketchUp is unusable during import.
  • larger files can take a long time.


There are 2 options: Import and Import as Mesh

  • Import reads the file and creates faces one by one.
  • As Mesh allocates a Mesh object, and creates smoothed edges. It can be slightly faster.


Anonymous said...


Kudoz to you. This plugin will be very useful to me to get my form.z library of models into sketchup. I am eager to test this script when you post. Thank you for the information.

Anonymous said...

Im new to the google sketchup and so how do i add this plugin?

J said...


Right click on the obj_importer.rb link, and save the file to your computer. Move the file into SketchUp/Plugins folder and restart SketchUp.

Anonymous said...

It didnet work.. i did it right it said it but when i import it gives me some weard box of polygons...

Anonymous said...

i tried this plugin when i import obj as mesh or standard the import box dissapears leaving a white box and a frozen shetchup which then errorsrunning ver 6 pro

the lag

Anonymous said...

didn't work, i'm using v6.0 Pro..all the plugins in the folder are .dll, the extention on this file is.rb... is this correct.?

really looking for a obj importer

Anonymous said...

Hey, to anyone who can assist a new guy to sketchup 7.
I want to d-load new textures to my materials menu but having trouble... I'm on a Mac G4. thanks D

Anonymous said...

The Link to the obj_importer.rb is not working. at least google chrome can't find the destination.

Unknown said...

The program just freezes when I try to use this plug-in. I am using Sketchup 8.

J said...

@Elizabeth SketchUp can be very slow. Depending on the size other important and the speed of your computer, the importance could take anywhere from minutes to hours.

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