Sphere Tool

Update 2010 Dec, 13 (Internal version 1.4)
  • Menu: Draw/SphereTool
  • Code cleanup, and generally tried to make it behave like a native SU Tool.
  • Press the Tab key to switch between draw by radius and draw by diameter.
  • Fixed clipping on tool startup.
  • Added line thickness when inference locked.
  • Made VCB and Statusbar texts consistent, accurate.
Due to inconsistent file names for past versions, this file (jf_spheretool.rb) is meant to replace any of the following files in the Plugins folder:
  • spheretool.rb
  • spheretool1.1.rb
  • spheretool1.3.rb
  • jf_spheretool.rb
  • (You get the idea.)
Download jf_spheretool.rb

Here's a quick tool for drawing spheres. It creates a Sphere option under the Draw menu.

Download the script and move it into your Plugins directory.

A group is created to hold the sphere. You can enter the number of segments you would like to use. It defaults to 24. Even-numbered segments work best, odd one cause unpredictable results.

Spheres are drawn with the poles along the Z axis.


Anonymous said...

awesome plugin! thank you, Jim

Unknown said...

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
My biggest grip with sketchup is now gone.

19bit said...

I'm using SU Pro 7.1.6860, this plugin is work fine just for default 24 segments, but Always "Bug Splat" when I'm trying to set for more than 24... is there any clue to solve this?
BTW, It's a nice plugin

Anonymous said...

Nice plugin! One small issue; it seems to work well with larger spheres, but fails at small sizes (e.g. 3mm radius). I worked around this by creating it four times too big, then scaling (end result is correct).

J said...

soundripple.com - yes, but that is a limitation of SketchUp. The smallest allowed Edge length is 0.001". At a 3mm radius, you will get some very small edges especially at the poles.

As you found out, if you work at a larger size then scale down, you can get smaller geometry.

Jie said...

Thanks, Very useful tool!!

อิศรินทร์ สินทร said...

Thank You :)

brain8891 said...

thank you very much one more user you have now

TheBuoy said...

very useful plggin.. thanx dude..

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the useful tool.
but I can't change the segment number. Sketchup crashes!
I'm using sketchup 8. Maybe this plugin still can not be used in Su8?

GW said...

Great plugin! It looks like the plugin causes Sketchup to crash if an odd number is entered for segments

Cesar Javier Guzman said...

Thank U!!! Have a project and can't make the sphere... :<

Filippo Scarso Architetto said...

Hi Jim!
Have you checked if this works with Su2015?

here it crashes every time...

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