Waybe Unfold Plugin Videos

A youtube user has posted 4 videos showing a new plugin for sketchup. The waybe plugin automatically unfolds a shape onto a flat surface. It seems to be geared for making paper models as it adds glue tabs as it unfolds.
There's no information on where to get the plugin.

Chris Picciano: Free 3d Models

Chris is a professional architectural drafter and designer working with AutoCAD.

Since 2006, he has added SketchUp to his skills, and is offering several collections of outstanding 3d models for free.

New Workflow Video by Justin Chin

Working in both Maya and SketchUp, Justin says he can do character rigging in SketchUp just as fast as in Maya; and goes on to say after all else, SketchUp is the way to go.

Visit Justin's blog and watch the time-lapse video.

SketchUp Plugins Menu Rant

I posted what amounts to a rant with the purpose of getting people motivated to solving a primary disfunction of SketchUp: that the Plugin menu is not customizable. Users should be able to organize the menu however they see fit. Plugins should not be deciding where to fit in the hierarchy, but should rather be requesting permission to a central menu authority - such as a menu registry module.

Google Chart API

Google has opened an API for creating charts using a URL. It easy to use and makes nice looking charts.

Here's an example:

or maybe it should be...


Google Code and SketchUp API Blog

It looks like Google has been hard at work creating and updating SketchUp's Ruby API documentation and examples, and have opened a couple new resources:

Google SketchUp Ruby API
Google SketchUp API Blog

Surely You're Joking, Mr. KUTAI!

Here's a Japanese language blog with a link to my unfold plugin.

Surely You're Joking, Mr. KUTAI!

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