Fix Solids and Real Sections Plugins

SketchUcation user, Belgian architect, and now SketchUp plugin author GWydouw has release 2 new plugins for SketchUp.

Fix Solids

This Plugin try to fix problems with groups that suppose to be solids but don't show up like a solid in SU.

fixSolid fix the following problems:
* heal missing faces
* remove single edges
* remove separate faces
* remove edges between coplanar faces
* remove innerfaces
* remove all edges with only 1 face connected (RISKY FIX)

Real Sections

Do you want to create real sections with different materials through your SketchUp models?

Downloads : [ FixSolids | RealSection ]

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1 comment:

Archan said...

I dowloaded the Real Section plugin, it seems amazing, but it won't work on my computer. It says it has expired whenever I try to assign a material to a group.
Is it because it out of date ? Or did you give up developping it ?
Thank you anyway for all the other plugins that I discovered on your blog, they're great. Too bad the one that seems the most interesting to me doesn't work anymore !

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