Plugin: Export Outliner

I wrote this for a specific type of output; something called CI ID (or something.) This plugin exports the outliner to a text file.

Download the script.

The Outliner:

The User interface

The Output.

Component: Compass Rose

Cast aluminum compass rose from, 36" dia.


Plugin: Protrude

This is the first step in a greeble plugin. And by first step I mean there are possible bugs.

Protrude performs 4 basic operations: dividing, offsetting, protruding, and tapering.
  1. Select the face(s) you would like to protrude.
  2. Divide them, if applicable. Only rectangles are able to be divided. Division occurs parallel to short side.
  3. Use the Set reasonable values to set the offset, protrude and taper values to something reasonable.
  4. Press Protrude to see the reults.
  5. Edit values, and hit Do Over to re-do the most recent operations.
  6. If the right-side input columns are used, a random number is generated for the operation. This number is in the range of left-column to right-column. Leave them blank if you don't want a range. (Sorry, it's the law. Just kidding, just a bug future enhancement opportunity.)

You should completely delete both the protrude folder and protrude.rb file from your Plugins folder before installing this version.

Download jf-protrude_2015-12-06.rbz *

Updated Unfold Plugin

After a report of bad behavior, I've updated the unfold plugin. I have not changed the way it works, so no one should notice the changes.

You should, however notice the new support for undo - when you hit Undo, the selection set will be updated to reflect the undo operation. However, it sometimes gets confused.

Let me know how it goes.

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