Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta

e-on software is running an offer to download a beta version of Vue 7 Pioneer free of charge. Vue 7 Pioneer is the entry-level version of the popular Vue landcape/3d environment creation software.

The free Open Beta of Vue 7 Pioneer has the following limitations:
# Picture size is limited to Full HD (1920x1080) and pictures carry a Vue 7 logo*
# You cannot load 3D models**
# Vue 7 Pioneer is for home use only. For commercial use, please consider Vue 7 Esprit or higher.

* You can lift these limitations with the RenderUp module - read more here

** You can however load the locked content you get from Cornucopia3D, or you can create
your own models using the Vue 7 Pioneer modeling tools - read more here

[ Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta ]

SketchUp Survey: PowerTools

Google SketchUp would like to know which/what kind of tools they could add to SketchUp to make it more powerful.

Survey Here - Tell them what you think.

Build a Model, Earn a CD from Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking is asking for user-contributed SketchUp models of projects that have been featured in past Popular Woodworking articles. If your model is selected for their 3D Warehouse collection, you get your choice of one of their free annual CD's.

[ Popular Woodworking ]

New Plugin: BoolTools

Dale Martens released his newest SketchUp plugin for performing Boolean operations with Groups/Components. Operations include union, intersection, and difference.

Available for $10 at

AR-media™ Plugin v1.0 for Google SkecthUp™

The Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies, an italian
company specialized in the development of immersive
platforms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, released a new
Plug-in for Google Sketch-Up based on their Augmented
Reality platform, ARmedia. The platform allows users to mix
both real and digital content in a completely new way, which
also turns to be surprising and, most of all, useful.
With ARplug-in, Google Sketch-Up users are allowed to
visualize their 3D models directly in the real physical
space which sorrounds them. In a very precise sense, through
ARplug-in, Sketch-Up 3D models can be visualized out of the
digital workspace directly on users’ desktop, by
connecting a simple webcam and by printing a suitable code.
The Plug-in provides users with an advanced visualization
functionality which serves two main purposes:
  • study and analize scaled virtual prototypes in real environments;
  • communicate 3D projects immersively and astonishingly.
All you need to make ARplug-in work is a personal computer,
a webcam and a printed code attached to the software. For
optimal functioning, a Dual-core PC with a standard graphic
card for 3D videogames are recommended.
The Plug-in is available at low cost and can be bought and
downloaded online directly on the website of Inglobe Technologies.

Gingerbread houses and Podiumn 1.6

The Official SketchUp Blog is kicking off a new modeling challenge for the holiday season. No physical prizes for this one, just the glory being chosen as the best. has released Podium 1.6 for Windows and Mac. 1.6 is claiming speed increases from 2 - 4 times over version 1.5 depending on the number of processor your computer has.

Boolean Operations For SketchUp

SketchUcation user oscarlok posted this video showing his work-in-progress: booleans for sketchup.

Driving Dimensions Plugin Update

We have recently released the second preliminary version (Driving Dimensions 0.2) of our free plugin.

  • Support of SketchUp 7 (backward compatibility with SketchUp 6)
  • Driving distances (between two vertices, two parallel edges, between a vertex and an edge)
  • Driving planar angles (between adjacent edges sharing a common face)

  • Setting and changing only one circle/arc radius for a cylindrical surface now does not make a conic
  • Robustness on large models

You are welcome to use it!
For detailed description, new video and the plugin itself please visit

wxSU 0.2.0 Released

Peter Ellis released version 0.2.0 beta of the wxSU plugin.

The new release fixes several bugs, updates to wxRuby 1.9.9, and has a few other improvements.

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