Plugin: Driving Dimensions (Modeling from SU Dimensions)

I ran across some YouTube videos of a plugin I had never heard of before called Driving Dimensions. It appears to allow you to edit a model by editing an objects. Here's the video:

The plugin has a website also but the download link did not work with the free download.

WxWindows for SketchUp Dialogs

Sang Ahn has posted this on the official GSU blog:

wxSU is a plugin for Google SketchUp 6 that extends the SketchUp API with the capabilities of wxRuby. wxSU bundles wxRuby to provide a cross-platform, pure Ruby solution for implementing GUI dialogs in your SketchUp plugins.

(link to wxSU sourcefoge project)

Sci-Fi SketchUp Ships

Just ran across this cool blog called Concept Ships. The lastest post features a couple ships made using SketchUp.

(Concept Ships)

ArchVision Discovery Viewer: Intereact with SketchUp Model in Word, PP, and IE

The Discovery Viewer allows users to view SketchUp (.skp) and RPC (.rpc) content within Microsoft Office products such as PowerPoint, Word and Internet Explorer on Windows-based PCs.

With support for native SketchUp models including materials and textures, the Discovery Viewer is perfect for presenting designs within PowerPoint presentations. And the easy to use navigation tools make it easy for novices to interact with models in full 3d without the need for complicated software. The Discovery Viewer can be downloaded free of charge for the purpose of viewing a presentation or web page. Two versions of the Discovery Viewer [Desktop and Server] for publishing are available.

Centroid and Area Properties Plugin for SketchUp

Alex Shreyer has posted a plugin written for his students. It calculates the centroid and area properties of planar shapes.

See Alex's centroid plugin project page for details.

Plugin: Free STL Exporter

CADspan is giving away a free SketchUp plugin for exporting a your model as an STL file used by 3d printers and CAM software.

The plugin provides several tools to ease the process of preparing a model for 3D printing:
-Resurfacer: Shrinkwrap a model into one continuous, solid mesh
-3D Print Visualization Style: A visual style that highlights problem areas in a model
-Layerize tool: Easily move all geometry within components and groups to a layer
-Smooth/Unsmooth: Toggle smoothing on a model's rounded geometry

via SketchUpdate

Plugin: Follow Me Rotate

wikii has release a new SketchUp plugin he called "follow me rotate". 

Plugin: Matchbox

Matchbox is a recent SketchUp plugin written by SketchUcation user antantant. 

See this thread for the download.

Plugin: SmoothStep Animation for SketchUp

Dale Martins (Whaat) has release a new plugin which "allows you to smooth out the jerky scene transitions in a SketchUp scene-tab animation."

Visit SketchUcation for the download.

20% Discount Offer from Hand Drawn Images

Last month I posted about a new company - Hand Drawn Images (HDI), who provide landscape texture collections for CAD and SketchUp users.  HDI was excited about the response to the post, and is offering readers a 20% discount on purchases for a limited time.

To get the discount, visit Hand Drawn Images, make a purchase, and use the Coupon Code: SketchUp when prompted.

New 3D Warehouse Features: Sharing & Collaboration for Models

Google has introduced some great new sharing features to 3D Warehouse - its online SketchUp model repository.

Sharing gives you control over who can view, download, and even edit your models.

It's now possible to make a model private, but invite people as either viewers or collaborators on the model. Collaboration does not happen real-time. As a collaborator, you would download the model, make your edits, and then re-upload it. The model owner would then accept or deny the changes. A history of changes is also maintained and previous versions of the model are made available for download.

The Official Google SketchUp Blog has a run-down of the new features, and Alex Schreyer has a write-up on how it works and how it is useful.

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