Plugin: OBJ Importer

Update Dec 28, 2010 - TIG's OBJ Importer, based on this code, is likely a more robust plugin.

  • This is a basic importer for .obj files.
  • It works sometimes, but not all the time.
  • The .obj needs to be fairly well formed.
  • It does not support textures.
  • SketchUp is unusable during import.
  • larger files can take a long time.


There are 2 options: Import and Import as Mesh

  • Import reads the file and creates faces one by one.
  • As Mesh allocates a Mesh object, and creates smoothed edges. It can be slightly faster.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse Search

Assign a keyboard shortcut to do a quick search on the 3D Warehouse within SketchUp.


Plagiarist of the Week

I'm thinking of exposing the models on the 3D Warehouse that don't give credit to the original creator (using the ratings.) I think a plagiarist deserves a "poor" rating. What do you think?

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