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Zorro2 Released

Big weekend for scripts... Dale Martens has released an update to his cool Zorro script.

New Features:

-made cuts work with parallel projection views
-added slice model at section plane (right click on a section plane for context menu)
-added nested cuts using CTRL modifier
-improved precision of cuts

Somes notes on this release:
- It is recommended to use 'Slice model at Section' on a backup of your SKP file. It is a destructive process.
- Cutting through nested components results in creation of many unique components
- Some code was used with permission from TIG's SectionCutFace script to create a cutting plane from a section plane. Thanks!
- Script should work for older versions of SU and also on Mac systems

I am calling this a beta version so please post any bugs or requests in this thread. Enjoy!

[ Zorro2 beta ]

NEU: tomatoes 1.2 für Google SketchUp

Und so kommen sie zur weltweit günstigsten 3D Visualisierung:
- Holen sie sich Google SketchUp vom Netz (free oder pro in 5 Minuten installiert)
- Holen sie sich ripe ruby tomatoes vom Netz (english-tomdemo.exe oder german-tomdemo.exe)
- Installieren sie die entpackten Tools in den Plugin-Ordner von SketchUp
- Starten sie SketchUp neu - that's all und sofort können sie:
                 - Komponetenbibliotheken für SINK-Teile erstellen
                 - Direkt in ihren SketchUp 3D-Plan tomatoes-Teile generieren

New version of PlayUp is now available.

Ver Notes:

- Export components / groups with or without collision to Source (Orange Box or Episode 1)
- Export components / groups to CryEngine2 (no materials/textures or collision data, just geometry currently supported)
- Export level for Source with the ability to tag spawns and static/dynamic models-- but not BSPs
- The Source levels will be generated with a basic skybox and player spawn that you can delete or modify in Hammer as you please. This allows you to open the map in Hammer and run it right away.
- Models containing a large number of faces will run into problems when trying to import them into Hammer as there is a size limit. We are working to make this process seamless in later builds.
- Level export to CryEngine 2 not yet supported.

Breaking Video: FreeScale Enhanced Scale Tool for SketchUp

Check out this breaking video of the new (incredible!) FreeScale tool for SketchUp written by Fredo6. There has been no announcement, but I might expect one sometime very soon.

UPDATE: FreeScale Released Here

Wavefront obj Exporter with Materials

Marten van der Honing sent me a modified version of zbyls' X exporter hacked to export wavefront .obj files with materials. Click for direct download, and see the file's header for contact information.

[ ObjExporter.rb ]

SketchUp Architectural Plugins from

Here is a fairly new collection of sketchup plugins.

1001bits tools is a collection of shareware plugins (Ruby scripts) for Google Sketchup that are dedicated for architectural works.

Imagine...create 3d models of staircases, spiral staircase, escalators, walls, doors and windows, and even self-generated roof rafters, by keying in the parameters, dimensions, then with a simple mouse click --> they're done! in 3d!

[ ]

SketchUp 7 SDK Released

We have recently updated the SketchUp SDK for folks who need read and/or write SketchUp 7 files.

[ SketchUp API Blog ]

ProjectSketch - Office Furniture Placement Plugin

ProjectSketch is a free SketchUp add-on for the selection and placement of Office Furniture in SketchUp drawings.

ProjectSketch is free and includes a generic furniture library with hundreds of 3D contract furniture components. (A multi-manufacturer data subscription that includes thousands of Components from dozens of major manufacturers is also available.)

If you are interested in Office Furniture, (or just want to help out), I would love to have you take a look at ProjectSketch. Even if you don't use office furniture, you may find the Componenent Placement Wizard handy. This wizard, also contained in RpTools, lets you select any SketchUp component from a Windows Explorer like interface, and use the arrow keys to rotate the component while placing it (very handy for furniture)

[ ProjectSketch]

HyperShot Plugin for SketchUp 7 Available

The plugins are available for immediate download through the updated links

LightUp 1.3 Released

The latest version of LightUp has many exciting new features:

- Multicore support for fast results
- Define your light sources in Candela,Lux, and Lumen units
- IES photometric data file support
- HDR panorama backdrops
- Realtime light meter to help track down problem lighting areas
- Realtime Dynamic Component support (req.SU7)
- Shading special effects
- Export lighting results with your model
- Hi-resolution anti-aliased Stills & Movie export

Click here for a free demonstration:

Happy Lighting,

Free Paper (and other) Textures

Jacob of Six Revisions is offering a set of large (2592 x 3872 jpg's) grungy paper textures free for personal and commercial use.

And don't forget to check out Jacob's other great tectures:

Video: SketchUp Virtual Construction by D-Studio

Here's a video previewing new project information/project management software in SketchUp which is in development by D-Studio

Updated PhlatScript Version 910

Along with the new Phlatprinter Forum (, Phlatboyz has released an update the the PhlatScript SketchUp plugin.
The PhlatScripT is a set of SketchUp tools that will allow for fold cuts and stepped angles for airplane control surfaces not to mention a host of other cuts. Check out the Phlatprinter picture gallery to see everything we would like it to do in the future.
What is a PhlatPrinter?

Free Wood Textures

Wood Magazine has posted a nice free collection of 14 wood grain textures (jpeg). Click the image to visit their site.

Posted by Picasa

The Cheese House

I don't know what it is about this video made using SketchUp, but I find it highly amusing..
Ok, it gets less funny the more I watch it.

SYCODE Launches 32 SketchUp Plugins

The plugins are broken into 2 types: plugins for importing/exporting data using SketchUp, and plugins for other cad applications to import/export SketchUp files.

The Plugins are priced individually, and seem a little costly at €195 each, but may well be  worth it if you need only a few.

[ Press Release ]

Podium Notebook

Podium Version: 1.6
Model: podium_studio.skp
Preset: quality.xml
Speed: 75%
Jaggy: 75%
Image Size: 640 x 480
Time: 1h 14m 11s

Default Material: 255, 255, 255
Sphere: Material: 204, 0, 0 ; Reflectivity: 10
Overhead Light: Color: Default ; Value: 20
Omni Light: Color: Default ; Value: 10

Notes: 12" diameter sphere using default of 24 segments - looks faceted around the outside.


AMD Athlon XP 1800+
1.52 GHz, 512 MB RAM
Windows XP Pro SP3

Edit: Here is a link to my rendered photos.

Dog Shelter Dilema

There once was a man named Fred,
For his dogs he needed a shed.
The lumber was free,
but as you can see,
it only caused pain in his head.

Can you help Fred build a dog shelter using the donated lumber provided (SketchUp model)?

Come on, it's for a good cause! Comment here or in the Sketchucation Forums thread if you think you have a solution.  Fred, and the dogs, would certainly be grateful.

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