CryEngine Mini-Update

PlayUp Alpha ver. is now available for download.

This is a mini-update specifically enabling models with textures and colors to be exported to CryEngine2.

Here is a model from Google Warehouse. It was actually pretty difficult to find a model that did not have stray lines, so don't be surprised if you have a little clean-up work to do.

In SketchUp, make sure that the model is completely exploded and use the PlayUp Check Normals tool to ensure the faces are correct. Give the group or component an identifiable name. Set your export directory to your custom map directory off of the /Levels directory in Crysis ( ie. /Levels/Mapname ). On export, the textures used will be converted to TIF format and placed in /Levels/Mapname/textures. Exporting colors will place a file called "playup_nomaterial.tif" into the /textures directory.

In SandBox 2, import and orient the model as desired. Enjoy the view.

Ver Notes:

- Models need to be turned -90 degrees on the X axis in SB2.
- Models containing stray lines without faces will not export correctly.
- All textures used in the model will be converted to TIFs and placed in the /textures directory off of your export directory.
- Level export to CryEngine 2 not yet supported.

Creating & Placing Trees using RpTreeMaker

This video by RenderPlus shows how to create, place, and render low-poly, 2d trees in a SketchUp model using the free RenderPlus TreeMaker plug-in.

RpTreeMaker is a free integrated plug-in for Google SketchUp that creates realistic trees for SketchUp.

Please check out all the other great free (and fee) SketchUp plug-ins available from the RenderPlus homepage.

Links: [ link to video | RpTreeMaker | RenderPlus Home ]

60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

A good list of 3d model sites via on 3/23/09

Waybe 1.4 Released

Dear Waybe users,

We are happy to announce the release of a much improved version of Waybe - Waybe 1.4. Older versions of Waybe will cease working after April 1, 2009. If you have already purchased Waybe, you are welcome to receive this new major upgrade of Waybe free of charge. However, to do so, you will need to do the following:

1) Email with "Waybe version 1.4" in the subject line requesting a new version 1.4 key. Please include your name used at purchase and old key in the email body.

2) Uninstall your previous version of Waybe.

3) Download Waybe demo 1.4 from

4) Install the demo download, startup Sketchup and click on the menu item 'plugins->Waybe setup->Register' and use your new key (we will email this to you within 48 hours) to register your hobby version of Waybe. Registration can take 1-3 minutes. Note you will need an internet connection for the registration to work properly.

5) Restart Sketchup.

Best of luck in your designing, unfolding and building!

SketchUp FreeScale 2.0 (Bend) Video & Release!

This video outlines all the new features of Fredo's awesome and imminent plugin. BEHOLD:

FreeScale 2.0
  • Scaling
  • Linear Tapering
  • Planar Shearing
  • Twisting
  • Stretching
  • Radial Bending
  • Rotation

download avaliable on

Easily Hide Quick Edit Widgets on Blogger Pages

Here's a bookmarklet that toggles all of those "quick-edit" widgets so you can see what your Blogger page looks like without needing to logout and login.

Since I can't post the bookmarklet on Blogger, you'll have to visit this page to get it.

$1000 Seastead Design Contest

What: Win $1,000: Seastead Design Contest

Who: The Seasteading Institute
The Seasteading Institute (TSI) is a non-profit organization looking for creative and talented designers to construct a seastead using 3-D modeling software. A seastead is a floating platform that allows people to permanently settle the ocean as they do land.

The submission deadline is May 1st, 2009.

More Information (prizes, rules, and FAQ): The Seasteading Institute

SunTools For SketchUp

Here's something unexpected - it's a Sun analysis tool for SketchUp.

I do not know much about it at this point, other than it written by by Guedi Capeluto (C) 2008-9 Technion - Israel Institiute of Technology. Here is the registration and download link.

[ via bldgsim ]

Blurred Reflections for Podium?

Talk over on the SU Podium forum suggests that Blurred Reflections - a feature previously planned for version 2 of Podium - may be included in a pre-2.0 release.

Podium developer TBD writes "I will increase the priority on blurred reflections. I need to do some testing to see how it looks." while forum mod sepo replies "OK first tests...we are working on it...." and posted this image:

SU Podium is a photo-realistic rendering software program that works entirely as a plug-in to SketchUp Pro or Google SketchUp 6 or 7 (Windows or Mac).

Take The SketchUp 7 User Happiness Survey

C'mon.. tell Google what you think of SketchUp 7

Person Walking in SketchUp

Youtube user phonic77 created this remarkable SketchUp video using SketchyPhysics 3 beta.

Support and download SP3 at forums.

Profile Builder: Australian Steel Profiles Available

Dale Marten's Profile Builder plugin now supports Australian Steel sections thanks to Andrew Carter (utiler.)

[ ProfileBuilder on ]

A 3rd SketchUp "Bend" Video

Fredo6 posted another teaser video demonstrating his latest work-in-progress:

[ join the discussion on SketchUp Community Forums ]

Version 1.0 of Driving Dimensions Released

The plugin offers easy-to-use parameterization tools, which considerably reduces the time required to make parametric changes to the existing 3D models and opens new modeling capabilities for SketchUp users.


OpenStudio is a free plugin for the Google SketchUp 3D drawing program. OpenStudio makes it easy to create and edit the building geometry in your EnergyPlus input files. It also allows you to launch EnergyPlus simulations and view the results without leaving SketchUp.

LightUp 1.4 Released

LightUp v1.4
There's a new demo of LightUp available! Many, many improvements including the much requested drawing of BOTH sides of your model so you don't need to change anything and still be able to get realtime lighting and generate Stills & Movies instantly.

Changes from v1.3:

- Lights and draws BOTH sides of Sketchup faces.
- Improved exporting FBX to other modellers
- TIFF Still images store alpha component
- Handles "Always face camera" Component attributes (eg Sang)
- Parallel & Perspective projection cameras
- SSE & Altivec vectorization for better performance
- AVI files larger than 1GB broken into segments
- Allow Scene animation during recording
- Bug fixes for running on SU6
- Simple constant ambient mode for quick fill-in
- Draws IES photometric web with QueryTool
- Better handling graphics cards
- Pivot camera in Tourtool by holding down Alt
Click here to download:
NB You'll be provided with a new Registration key for the new demo.

Happy Lighting,


Coming Soon - SketchUp Bend Plugin

Update: Plusing has been released here.

A bend plugin for SketchUp. Another outstanding plugin by Fredo6. Live!

Coen and crew quietly went live with the new tutorial site earlier this week.

Most people familiar with the SketchUcation name know it mainly from the popular and friendly forums: the SketchUcation Community Forums (SCF.) is a compliment to the SCF with the goal being "to be an online educational resource and global provider in Google SketchUp needs." To support this, the site has launched with 25 SketchUp tutorials in 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

In addition, my new Extensions Index has debuted. The aim of the EI is to be a comprehensive list of all available SketchUp extensions. It currently has over 650 searchable exensions.

Spam Comments

I logged in this morning to find 154 spam comments had been posted overnight. I am in the process of deleting them. In the mean time, I have turned on comment moderation, which means I need to approve comments before they get published. I'm not angry - the blog wouldn't be a target if it weren't so popular. Thank you!

Two New SketchUp Blogs

A couple of new SketchUp blogs began last week; both by well-known contributors to the SketchUp community.

First is Dale Marten's Whaat's Up SketchUp Plugins Blog. In Dale's words, he has several goals for his blog:
  • An information hub for all my plugins
  • Updates on what I am working on
  • Links to other SketchUp plugins sites
  • Links to tutorials, videos and support for my plugins
  • Image galleries for my plugins
  • Posting general ramblings of a SketchUp Ruby addict
Dale is the author of the such outstanding plugins as Subdivide and Smooth, BoolTools, and Profile Builder among others. Visit Dale's blog for a complete list.

Next is Bonnie's Blog: 3D design for K-12 and beyond. Bonnie says:
I'm hoping this space will become a valuable resource for those in education, and for anyone who wants some ideas and info on 3D design and its real-world applications. Welcome!
Bonnie is a prolific author of SketchUp books, and the person behind the 3DVinvi web site. Visit Bonnie's sites for SketchUp fun and information for all ages and levels.

Ruby importers in SketchUp

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