Plugin: Randomize TIN

This plugn adds some (user specified) randomness to a Sandbox-created TIN. It adds a Randomize TIN option under the Plugins menu.

  • Download random_tin.rb.
  • Move the file into your SketchUp/Plugins folder, restart SketchUp.

The input can be any valid SketchUp length, i.e. 1", 35.54, 4m. A pop-up will tell you if the value is not valid. The TIN is looped over and each point is moved up or down by an amount in the range of -amt to amt, where amt is the user entered value.


Unknown said...

Awesome plugin for doing surface of poolwater - thanks Jim! -Fletch

GLRO said...

i have to soften the edges of the TIN, before the plugin actually works

softening the edges visually creates a diagonal in each square, and then, a random surface is created, as said

would it be possible to punch the surface to a certain height, with a sharp point instead of a smooth one?

Edson Mahfuz said...

thanks, jim. Another useful plugin coming from you.


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