Plugin: Arc Centerpoint

Right-click an arc (or circle) to insert a Guide Point at the arc's center.

  1. Download: arc_centerpoint.rb
  2. Move the file into your Sketchup/Plugins directory, then restart SketchUp
  3. Right-click an arc and select Arc Centerpoint. Click on the edge, not the face.


Miki3D said...

hey, i was trying to install this plugin but I get an error message whenever I do so.

Is it compatible with sketchup 7.1?

J said...

Well, this functionality comes with SketchUp. I write the plugin before I realized that.

If you open Preferences/Extensions and enable Ruby Script Examples. WHen you right-click an Arc, you should see a new "Point at center" option.

Arrowman said...

Hi Jim, thank you for your plug-ins. I'm a beginner on this and they are very helpful. But the link for this one doesn't work...

J said...

Thanks, when google closed Page Creator, they moved all my files to Google Sites and I am still trying to update the links.

This is actually a built-in function in Sketchup. If you enable Ruby Scripts Examples from the Extensions dialog, you will get a Point at Center option in the right-click menu.

ultraviolet said...

This plugin is far better than built-in Ruby Script Examples, because these "Examples" load additional useless funcionality into SU when you'd want only to get arc's centerpoint.
Thank you, author.

Unknown said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for making this plugin available. FYI I searched through SU Help but couldn't find it there. Finally located it through a regular web search. You might get more "hits" if you can get a link to this great, usefull little Ruby there.

I use it frequently on my Digital Jobsite blog at so I really appreciate the effort you took/take to make it available!

Matt Jackson
aka The Timber Tailor

Unknown said...

It does not appear that this functionality is in the free version of Sketchup 2014. Can you post yours again. I can't find it on your downloads page.


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