Plugin: 3D Warehouse Quick Search

Allows the user to enter search terms, and opens a web browser to the search results from within SketchUp.

  1. Download 3dw_search.rb
  2. Move the file into your Sketchup/Plugins folder.
  3. Restart SketchUp.
  4. A new item named Search 3DW appears under the Help Menu.
  5. Assign a shortcut key for fast access.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

The ruby console send me this error when i start sketchup:

Error Loading File 3dw_search.rb
undefined method `file_loaded?' for JNF:Module

Any idea?

Daniel S

J said...

Thanks Daniel, the script has been fixed.

Anonymous said...

Now is working fine..
Thank you,
Daniel S

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this tool be better if it was a toolbar? It would be something like the google-search toolbar in your browser, only now a model-search in Sketchup. I think it would be faster and easier to use. Good luck.

J said...


You're probably right. I always just used a keyboard shortcut and never got around to making a button.

gonzalorcastre said...

hi Iam trying to download several plugins, but when Clic in download it show me this: # 3dw_search.rb
# Copyright (c) 2006 jim.foltz
require "sketchup.rb"

def search3d
terms = UI.inputbox(["Include Terms", "Exclude Terms"], ["", ""], "Search 3d Warehouse")
return unless terms
t1, t2 = terms
t1.squeeze!(" ")
t2.squeeze!(" ")

t1 = t1.split.join("+")

t2 ={|e| "-"+e.to_s}
t2 = t2.join("+")

terms = t1 + "+" + t2

url = ""

fn = "3d_seach.rb"
unless file_loaded? fn"Help").add_item("Search 3DW") { search3d }
file_loaded fn

(and I dont know thats for?)
thats for all ruby..

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