Plugin: Template Utilities

This script adds 2 menu items to the File menu: Save as Template, and New from Template. It allows the user to quickly create and use templates.

  • Save as Template saves the current model as a template in the templates folder.
  • New from Template lets you choose a template, and starts a new model using the template. The selected template becomes the default template.

  1. Download template_utils.rb
  2. Move the file into your Sketchup.Plugins folder, and restart SketchUp

3 comments: said...

I got the recommendation from a member on SCF. I'll try anything once... twice if it don't hurt too bad. Well.. maybe not anything ;)

Mike RL

Quarr-IT said...

Hi Jim

how would i change the save path?

i noticed the directory doesn't match - it should be \resources\en-US\templates


Javier said...

Hi, i need help! ;-)
How would i rotate the coordinates axles to do an extrusion in a inclined face?
JAM from Spain

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