SketchUp STL Importer

This importer lets you import both ASCII and binary STL files into SketchUp.
It automatically detects the type of .stl file and imports accordingly.

To import a .stl file, go to the File > Import menu, and select STL Importer. Optionally press the Options button to select the units, then select the file to import.


The STL Importer is free software licensed under the GPL.


Download the attachment from below, and copy it to your SketchUp/Plugins folder.

For Windows, this would be located here:

C:\Program Files\Google\Google Sketchup 7\Plugins\

For Mac, this would be located here:

/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 7/SketchUp/plugins/

Restart SketchUp.

Here are 3 sources of interesting .stl files to try:


[ Download ] STL Importer.


Jack B. Erhart said...

Hi Jim,

Anything in the works for exporting STL files out of Sketchup?

The 3D printing guys like to work with STL files, so I thought I would ask.

derekja said...

Thanks, Jim! I'll try this out today.

In reference to the export question, I've been using the plugin here:



Unknown said...

I am having problems with file sizes with this plugin. I work in mm and when I import stl it thinks its inches and it makes the file huge. Any suggestions?

part is exact 75.75mm and it imports at 1929.3mm
any hints on how to resolve this?

J said...

When you the file browser opens, and before you select the file, there is an "Options" button that will let you select the units to use for the import.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could remove the inner face triangles

Tom said...

Hi Jim

I have tried to use your importer on some Tom Dixon .stl files, however the importer seems not to recognize the format. The importer works fine for the examples you link to. The tom dixon files do look as binary files. Any Idea?

Slinger's Art said...

Doesn't work for me using SK Pro 7 and running under Windows 7 - not on my own stl files (binary) and not on the first link of example files you gave...

Slinger's Art said...

Correction to my earlier post: Works on ASCII stl files but not Binary...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
is it possible to import a whole folder of STL-files?
--> I have a drawing with about 100 STL-components.

What would you suggest? How could I import this files into SketchUp?

Best Regards,


Note: said...

Hello Jim,

Your STL Importer is excellent! I tried to use add_face to write my own plugin for STL importing. However the speed was terrible, not mention to Sketchup stopped responding before the ruby script finished.

Thank you very much for this plugin.

Best regards,

- Paul

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I'm still trying to transform a Sketchup File in .STL... And it still not working.
I try with but i have a Mac, is it different?
Thank you for you help!

Hope said...

Hello, I downloaded this Plugin for importing .stl files to Sketchup, and have CADspan to export them from Sketchup. I am having a hard time downloading the .stl files from the linked websites. When I click on the link, I am redirected to .html text, and not a file download. Perhaps I don't understand the .stl file format. I have a Mac. Help!

Thank you!

Hope Telford
Color+Life Creative LLC

J said...

@Hope - right-click the links, then select "Save as" or "Save link as."

rodrigoshaller said...

Jim, I'd like to report a bug.
I'm Brazilian, and we commonly use the character: "ç" in our words.

The bug is that if I try to open a STL file in a folder named, for example, "ç", nothing happens and the sketchup doesn't import anything.

Best Regards.
Rodrigo Haller

Rod Ferris said...

Thank you so much for this awesome importer tool. You've saved me a ton of time. The file sizes on the skp files after import are massive. Do you have a suggestion to reduce it? Can I convert the object reduce the triangles?

J said...

Thanks @Rod. I would start with ThomThom's great Cleanup plugin:
You need to register.

Unknown said...

Jim, it worked very well for me. Thanks

bpetto said...

HI, I have issue with file coming from

Sketchup is freeze and do not answer any more. I can open the file in MeshLab.

bpetto said...

Models from did not import at all.

Still I can open them in Slic3r and MeshLab.

But anyway, thanks for the good work.

J said...

bpetto - my stl importer is now part of SketchUp and is available here. Both files from Thingiverse import without trouble for me.


Steve Purtee said...

ASCII STL import appears to work without any errors.
BUT - nothing is displayed. Tried zooming out and scaling but nothing worked. HELP !

The Wood Family said...

Would love to have this plugin but the link is dead. I use SketchUp 7 and 2014.

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