Regular Polygon Keyframe Animation Plugin

Regular Polygon has published a keyframe animation for SketchUp version 7 & 8, Free or Pro.

Main Features include:
  • Keyframes are easily added, deleted, renamed, and reordered.
  • Any group or component can be animated.
  • Animated groups (components) can be nested.
  • Animated groups (components) can be nested inside of non-animated groups (components).
  • Animated groups (components) are interpolated between keyframes by translation or rotation.
  • The interpolation lasts for the entire keyframe transition time.
  • Keyframes can have independent transition times.
  • Keyframes can have independent delay times.
  • The keyframes can be converted to a slideshow of ordinary (non-animated) scenes, called tweens.
  • The number of tweens depends on the frame rate you set.
  • The tween slideshow can be exported to an AVI movie, or to image files (PNG, JPEG, TIF, or BMP)

Keyframe Animation is a commercial Plugin with an introductory price of just under $20. The download is a full-featured, 10-day evaluation.

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