Plugin: Simple Shell

Simple Shell creates an inner or outer shell by copying and scaling a Group or Surface around its center of geometry. It works best with symmetrical objects.

To make a shell,

* Select a single Group or surface.
* Select JF Simple Shell from the Plugins menu.

A Dialog will prompt for the wall thickness.

The Faces of the shell will be reversed from the original's. Use a negative thickness to make an outer shell.

Download jf_simple_shell.rb


Marti said...

Hey Jim,
nice plugin, but Joint Push Pull (keeping original faces) does exactly the same. (just tried it)

J said...

Hi Marti. Joint Push-Pull is a fantastic tool. I just wanted something simple.

Unknown said...

Jim, I need a shell tool to to accurately offset a surface from an undulating surface like a face. If this is not available now is it something you could do on a consulting basis?

J said...


Fredo has such a plugin: here

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