Plugin: Ruby Code Editor

Alex Schreyer released this Ruby Code Editor plugin.
This editor is an extension of Jim Foltz’s excellent Web Console plugin. Jim’s plugin opens within SketchUp, allows for code execution and captures compiler output. It also allows for opening and saving of code snippets.

At this point, this editor has the following features:

* Execute multiline Ruby code directly in SketchUp (from Web Console)
* Open and save files (from Web Console)
* Clean jQuery UI interface
* Line indentations are now preserved when opening files
* Tab inserts 2 spaces in editor
* Dropdown with code snippets inserts snippets at cursor
* On save, a backup file is always created
* Text size dropdown for editor font
* Line highlighting in editor
* Undo button next to run button
* Reliable page sizing
* Tab and acceskey navigation
* Reference web browser for common reference sites
* Browser zoom (not 100% reliable)

Alex Schreyer

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alexschreyer said...

Thanks for posting this, Jim!


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