Render Plus Systems - IRender nXt Rendering Contest

IRender nXt Rendering Contest

Open to All! - you do not need to own IRender nXt, we will provide a free copy during the contest.

This years contest is designed to highlight the features of our new Version 3.0 of IRender nXt. In particular:

1. The new Materials libraries of over 6,000 materials for you to use.
2. The low res Arroway texture library of 100 textures
3. The new library of 49 RpTreeMaker Plants
4. RpTreeMaker to create your own plants
5. ArchVision RPC Objects

Each entry will make use of at least 4 of these features.

Visit Render Plus for a list of prizes and rules:
IRender_nXt_Rendering_Contest - Render Plus Systems

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