Smustard - FixAspectRatio updated - 2010-02-09

Smustard: "The previous version, while successfully removing the gray bars, did not always retain the focal length, resulting in a 'jump' in perceived camera location. The current version will remove the gray bars and retain the visible geometry."


TimM said...

I downloaded this script and tested it. If the gray bars are at the top and bottom of the screen, the script works perfectly. If the bars are on the left and right of the screen, the "jumping" still occurs. With the exception of one camera, the photographic 6x6 medium format (1:1).

I am running the latest pro version 7.1.6859 on a Mac PPC G5 OS 10.4.11.

It looks promising regardless.

J said...

Hi Tim, Thanks for the comment. You will want to contact smustard directly for support. I will forward your comment to the Rick (the author of the script.)

TimM said...

Thanks, I did contact smustard and Rick is looking into it.

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