Plugin Roundup: EventRelay, Window Tool, JointSU, Sandbox2, Prince IO

SCF user pecan posted a new plugin called "EventRelay":

EventRelay allows a ruby script to receive all key, mouse, and menu events before
SketchUp does, and allows the script to accept, discard, or substitute some other
action for the event.


tomot released an update to his very nice window tool (here)

MarcioAB released a new plugin for aligning object called JointSU (here)

And finally zapwizard updated a thread with a link to plugins and instructions about how to get a SketchUp model into the Crysis Sandbox2 editor (here)

And even more finally but not leastly; Google SketchUp developer Scott Lininger posted the source code to the Prince IO Game plugin which can be seen at minute 21 in this video:

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