New SketchUp Pro Jobs Group

Jeff Lummis wrote in to let everyone know about his new SketchUp Pro Jobs group:

SketchUp Pro Jobs
(for the Professional users of SketchUp Pro' seeking jobs)

A new "SketchUp Pro Jobs" group has now been formed here and it is welcoming all SketchUp Pro users to join up, showcase their own content and provide contacts and links to their webpages. The Group is specifically intended for Professionals who have the "SketchUp Pro" version, and is intended to help people who seek to employ the services of a SU Pro Artist / Architect / or user find the right person for the job.

At "SketchUp Pro Jobs" you will be able to;

  • view members content and links to content pages,
  • reply to discussions, or start your own,
  • find quick links to other helpful SU sites through the pages,
  • share files, styles, images and other content,
  • create and add your own profile including images.

see "SketchUp Pro Jobs" at

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