Updated "Protrude" Plugin

Changes include:
  • Compatible with SU6 and SU7.
  • Takes advantage of performance enhancements in SU7.
  • Fixed bug for handling of comma as decimal point on German systems. (Thanks Stefan!)
  • Removed dubugging output in the Ruby Console.
  •  Uses current model's Units settings, including Precision setting.
  • Fixed bug where inputs could be selected but not edited. Yikes.
  • Can set "Reasonable" Offset and Height independently by clicking the labels "Offset" and "Height".
  • Added tooltip to "Offset" and "Height" labels.
To install, download the .zip file from the page below, and move the files into your plugins folder - over-writing the protrude.rb file and protrude folder (if it already exists.)

 See the Protrude page for download.


Daniel S said...

Thank you for the Update Jim!
When trying to divide a rectangle that is inside a group it makes the division but outside the group... this is very strange.

Daniel S.

PS. Have you tried to add a second level (random boxes or user defined components) on the top face of the protrusions? (something like "Doodads" in this blender plugin: http://www.nccn.net/~w_rosky/evan/evan/programs/discombobulator/tutorial.html )

J said...

Thanks again, Daniel. Download the plugin from the same link, and that should fix it.

"Doodads" are a feature I have partially working in my development version; as well as a few other things.

Daniel S said...

In the new version is working right the division inside groups.
Thank you Jim!!

Daniel S

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