SketchUp Extension Roundup

No less than 6 new SketchUp extensions made their appearance this week:

  • Greeble 2 by Chris Fullmer - Creates random extrusions
  •  OnScreen Display by Chris Fullmer - shows the cursor location and screen position, and the name of the selected component.
  • Color By Z by Chris Fullmer -  paint all faces in the model according to their elevation
  •  Counttriangles.rb by Eleandor - estimate model triangle count for game importing
  • Recall Last Tool by Matt - use a shortcut key to recall the last tool used.
  • SCrud Debugger by pecan - SCrud is an implementation of the Ruby Debugger for Sketchup.


CloudXAerith said...

So many extensions now. So I think we should collect the best ones to use. Really I can not use all of it. Can you list your favorite plugins and external tools?

J said...

Thanks for the comments. It's a good idea for sure. I've been wanting to put together a "best of" post for some time, but haven't made the time yet. I would be happy to take any suggestions.

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