Plugin: Map Sun

I've uploaded Map Sun.

Map Sun plots points along the path the Sun takes durunbg a 24 hour day. It uses the date set in the Shadow Dialog.

The height of the Sun is fixed at 5 miles. I think it's far enough away - any farther and the model gots wonky.

Users will need to edit the script's timezone (tz) variable to set the correct timezone of where you live. Open the script in a text editor, change the value, and save the file.



Anonymous said...

yes to all, architects could use these for site analysis! thanks Jim! (Fletch)

Unknown said...

Brilliant - as usual. Thanks, Jim! ;)


Don said...

ditto on the site analysis comment. I was about to try to draw this somehow, and here it is! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


This script has a lot of potential. I used you script and compared it to a diagram I drew manually using the altitude and azmith angles for the given location and the same time of year. They don't match. This leads to some questions:
1.) Where is the horizon and standing point in the group created by the script?
2.) Is latitude and model location accounted for in your script?
3.) How do I find out what timezone 5 is and what the other time zone values are?
4.) Does the script or sketchup account for daylight savings?

J said...

Hi Anonymous,

It's been awhile since I looked at the plugin. It's really simple if you want to look at the code.

I think I use the built-in values and API methods from SketchUp so if something is off, it probably means I didn't understand the meaning of the values and API methods.

Please send me an email if there's anything more I can answer.

Unknown said...

Hi Jim,

This is great. We sometimes use cinema4d with a script that has set up the camera to be located at the sun position and follow the sunpath while constantly viewing/directed towards the origin (or another specified set point) where a building is normally placed. This allows the viewer to see into a building i.e where the sun will penetrate. Have you heard of anything like this for sketchup?

Many thanks,


J said...

Hi kev,

I have not heard of a plugin like that, but it is an interesting idea, and one that can certainly be written. I'm not sure if I can help right away, so probably the best place to ask is here

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