Finding Your SketchUp "Plugins" Folder

I am frequently asked the question of where to install plugins for SketchUp. The answer depends on which version of SketchUp you are using, where SketchUp was installed, and which operating system it was installed on.

Here is a sure-fire way to find out where to install any plugin.
  • Start SketchUp
  • Copy and paste the following line to the SketchUp Ruby Console

This works for all versions of SketchUp, on all operating systems:


CloudXAerith said...

Thank you very very much. I should show this knowledge to my forum's sketchupers. It's helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up good job, Jim.
It works with my Win version SU, but on OSX + SketchUp 6.01153, it returns "true" statement and nothing happens?

Anonymous said...

my plugin folder is not there, i have an autosave foler, and nothing else!
what do i do?

J said...

Where did you install Sketchup (what folder?) and what is shownin the Ruby Consle when you type in the code from above?

DUBPEN said...

Error: #

that is the error i was receiving.. .am trying to install Vray, but cannot find folder

J said...

@DUBPEN: Try Sketchup with a capital S.

Shmegg said...

I felt a little embarrassed to have to ask for this, you learn something new every day! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much mi friend you have been very helpful

Anonymous said...

Error: #

this is the error I received! what i have to do now?
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

For me works if i write 'Plugins' instead "Plugins"

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