LWO Exporter Plugin for Google Sketchup

This is a basic LightWave object exporter for Google Sketchup 6. It may work in previous versions, but is completely untested there. All the usual provisos apply - this is VERY ALPHA software, which may wreck all your data and destroy any plans you had for actually leaving work on time for once. I make no promises *whatsoever* about its suitability for any purpose, at all.

That being said, you may find it useful in its current state. It exports the data in the SketchUp model to a LWO model file. It exports the geometry and material definitions, but only front materials are respected - back materials are completely ignored. Texture images are exported as UV mapped surface layers, and transparency is also supported. Smoothing is currently unsupported.

Alex Young

7th April 2007

Version: 0.0.6



Anonymous said...

I would like to import a .lwo file into SketchUp but cannot find a plugin to accomplish this. Has anyone else done this? This would be an extremely useful plugin.

some1else said...

use COLLADA format from LW modeler (LW layout has also COLLADA but gets broken)

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