Hobby Vacuum Forming

Phlayboyz has come out with an inexpensive vacuum forming system starting at $99.

I've mentioned the phlatboyz cnc foam cutter (called the phlatprinter) in the past. It is made specifically for designing in SketchUp - there is a SketchUp plugin that exports a flattened (2d) model and outputs g-code for the phlatprinter.

The phlatformer is a great compliment to the type of modeling possible using the phlatprinter. This video shows Mark making a airplane fairing for strength and support. I imagine the former would work well for creating door and window elements to add detail to a building model, or for curved glass, or anywhere where you need a skin structure.

Information about the phlatboys machines can be found on their forum.

[ phlatboyz machine forum ]


Anonymous said...

This is cool!

August said...

If you can edit this post, please correct Phlayboyz.

Also, please clarify that it EXports a 2D model and also OUTputs g-code rather than IMporting one and OUTputing the other.


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