Update Protrude Plugin (now works on Mac)

My brother kindly gave me not one, but a pair of Mac G4 Cubes. They are a little aged, but work just fine and can run SketchUp 7, so are perfect for what I need them for - testing plug-ins. Thanks bro!

This update is re-written to work on both Windows and Mac operating systems, although nothing has changed for Windows users of the plugin so there's no need to re-install if you are using SketchUp on Windows.

I have tested this on 10.4, which I hope is "close enough" to the latest version.

See the protrude post for the download and information.

This plugin requires offset and progressbar from smuatard.com (both are free.)


dedos.estudio said...

many thanks for the news!
an excellent plugin on OSX always wanted, thanks again!

dedos.estudio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
streetdebauch said...

I recieve this message after downloading and placing the folder and .rb file in my plugins folder for 2015..

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