Construction Line Tool Update version 1.0

I quietly updated my Construction Line Tool a few weeks ago. No complaints so far, so here is the official release.

Changes include:

* Version 1.0
* Added infinite Construction Line creation. Hit Ctrl again to cycle.
* Added selecting the 4 Construction lines types available in SU.
* Fixed clipping on start-up.
* Created a Windows Installer.
* changed the name of the Toolbar to JF Tools. (This may un-settle your Toolbar positions.)

See Construction Line Tool Post Page

Download Page


Unknown said...

Thanks Jim, great little tool!!!!!

Chiefwoodworker said...

Jim, I have used this tool from almost the beginning of my SketchUp days. I was great. Now it's even better. Thanks. It's the tool that SketchUp should have included in the application itself.


J said...

Thanks Joe, I'm glad it's useful. I subscribe to your blog. If you think of something that would improve your workflow, let me know.

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