Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta

e-on software is running an offer to download a beta version of Vue 7 Pioneer free of charge. Vue 7 Pioneer is the entry-level version of the popular Vue landcape/3d environment creation software.

The free Open Beta of Vue 7 Pioneer has the following limitations:
# Picture size is limited to Full HD (1920x1080) and pictures carry a Vue 7 logo*
# You cannot load 3D models**
# Vue 7 Pioneer is for home use only. For commercial use, please consider Vue 7 Esprit or higher.

* You can lift these limitations with the RenderUp module - read more here

** You can however load the locked content you get from Cornucopia3D, or you can create
your own models using the Vue 7 Pioneer modeling tools - read more here

[ Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta ]

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