AR-media™ Plugin v1.0 for Google SkecthUp™

The Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies, an italian
company specialized in the development of immersive
platforms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, released a new
Plug-in for Google Sketch-Up based on their Augmented
Reality platform, ARmedia. The platform allows users to mix
both real and digital content in a completely new way, which
also turns to be surprising and, most of all, useful.
With ARplug-in, Google Sketch-Up users are allowed to
visualize their 3D models directly in the real physical
space which sorrounds them. In a very precise sense, through
ARplug-in, Sketch-Up 3D models can be visualized out of the
digital workspace directly on users’ desktop, by
connecting a simple webcam and by printing a suitable code.
The Plug-in provides users with an advanced visualization
functionality which serves two main purposes:
  • study and analize scaled virtual prototypes in real environments;
  • communicate 3D projects immersively and astonishingly.
All you need to make ARplug-in work is a personal computer,
a webcam and a printed code attached to the software. For
optimal functioning, a Dual-core PC with a standard graphic
card for 3D videogames are recommended.
The Plug-in is available at low cost and can be bought and
downloaded online directly on the website of Inglobe Technologies.

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