Plugin: Selection Memory

Selection Memory is a Toolbar analogous to the Memory buttons on a calculator. The 4 buttons allow you to Store (MS) the current selection, Recall (MR) the stored selection, Add (M+) the current selection to memory, and Subtract (M-) the current selection from memory.

You can turn on and off the Toolbar from the View > Toolbars menu.

The plugin will not allow entities that are inside a Group or Component to be added to the selection memory. This is due to a bug in SketchUp.


(Updated 2013-02)


pat girvin said...

fascinating- I will check it out. I am used to using entity handles in lisp for this purpose, and am new to Ruby. Like your site and will try some more of the plug-ins, as I learn to write my own.

J said...

Thanks Pat. Not a lot to my plugins - I like them to do one thing, but do it well. Plus by keeping them focused, it will be easier to fit into a Plugin Organizer (if I ever get to writing it!)

Anonymous said...

bonjour Jim,
I find this tool so useful!
Maybe you could add two improvments:
-One button to wash memory (like CE on a calculator)
-Allow S+ or S- with Eraser tool (+ space, out of the drawing) used as a select lines tool..

As jean lemire says at the end of each of his post in SCF: "Just ideas."

J said...

Thanks Simon, I can add a CE button - good idea. I will have to look inot selecting Lines. I thought there was a plugin for that.

Anonymous said...

As always,
We suggest you something and you do your way a better idea !
With this new MS(memory store) button, in only one clic:
-we clean memory from previous storage
-and we store the new selection..
merci Jim, it's a better tool.

Unknown said...

I like this very much, thank you.

But maybe you could add one improvment:

Many channels to story selections sets, like 3dsMax or MudBox. Like 3dsMax is perfect.

J said...

Yes, Alex. I have been thinking about this, but I have not thought of an elegant way to present the options to the user.

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