Plugin: Export Outliner

I wrote this for a specific type of output; something called CI ID (or something.) This plugin exports the outliner to a text file.

Download the script.

The Outliner:

The User interface

The Output.


SnowTiger said...

Can you provide an example of how and/or when this plugin could be used ? Please and Thanks in Advance.

J said...


It was written for an individual who had a need to import the Model hierarchy in this format. I don't know what he used it for. It could be used as a starting point for a BOM or similar exporter.

SnowTiger said...

Thanks for the prompt reply Jim.

Nathan said...

I've used this for the past year. It's handy!

Groups with their default name "Group" don't show up in the list though (so it might come across as a blank entry).

On line 21 after:

...I added this bit to point out default Group names:

if == '' = '(Group)'

MCT_LRO said...

instead of listing all levels, by tiping 0 in front of "max level", or level 1 only by typing 1 in front of "max level", would it be possible to list only one specific level?

for example, by typing 2, it would list only components nested in components level 1; by typing 3, only components nested in components level 2, etc...

Also, list only the component names (not the figure, neither the layer number,,...), so that it would be easier to retrieve the informations in the file for a BOM

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