Plagiarist of the Week

I'm thinking of exposing the models on the 3D Warehouse that don't give credit to the original creator (using the ratings.) I think a plagiarist deserves a "poor" rating. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


Or is better to just ignore them?


Anonymous said...

I'm all for it. I can't stand a thief.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jim

Site is looking GREAT. Well, my thoughts about this topic. I feel that a disclaimer should be given in the description area of the warehouse upload. If you look at my Mobil Home, all items which were not stick built are listed.

The funny thing about people that use warehouse components to make their models, are not smart enough to explode the component when they import. It is usually easy to find if the original was named properly and you can read the .skp file name.

Do you have a script that can be run against a dataset that would extract all attributes of imported items?

Well, keep up the Great work.

Be well always

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