Loading Portable SketchUp Plugins

At work I do not have admin access to the PC's but still wanted to use a number of SketchUp plugins. Fortunately, SketchUp is able to load plugins from any directory. This, along with a little-known command-line option allowed me to automate starting SketchUp and loading my plugins from a portable location.

I posted a small set of files at github.

I'm no Windows scripting expert, so if there's a better or more portable way then please let me know.


Anonymous said...

amazing- thank you! no more bringing my laptop to university

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim! I just wanted to ask, where and how do i load my portable plugins? And does this work with vray?

Unknown said...

I made a video showing how SketchUp can be copied to a USB Flash drive, including plugins and components libraries, and run from that location on a computer that has its own SketchUp installed. This lets you retain your plugins,etc while working on another machine.

Our department's teaching computers have SketchUp installed, but do not let students install plugins, making this necessary.

J said...

@Unknown blogger - do you have a ink to the video?

Daniel Kim said...

Link to the video:

The video is boring! Sorry.
Go about 6 minutes into the video to see that I transfer the SketchUp folder into a USB drive.

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