Plugin: Make Orthographic Views

My latest plugin is now available.

Make Orthographic Views ($5) copies the selected Group or Component into a typical orthographic layout - Front, Top, Left, Right, Bottom, and Back views.

It can be a useful time-saver if your work-flow includes dimensioning and exporting to 2D CAD for finish work - especially for users of the Free version of SketchUp.

The plugin assumes the object is aligned to the Axes in SketchUp with the Front View looking at the front of the object.

Select a Group or Component, and press the Toolbar button. The view is then set-up with a parallel projection camera zoomed to the views.

An Isometric view is also created, but is not useful for dimensioning.

Install the plugin by extracting the files to your Plugins folder, but make sure to maintain the directory hierarchy. Please contact me if you need assistance.

Thank you, and I hope you find Make Orthographic Views useful.


Serafim Alexiev said...

Hi there, a very useful plugin that I would like to purchase but the link displays "coming soon". Is the plugin available or when would it be if not?

Tomasz Cwik said...

I buy plugin on,install it..and I see only an icon kurwa i chuj.. it does not work at all...

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