My SketchUp Plugins

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my SketchUp plug-ins.
Please donate something, anything - don't make me go find a real job! Thank you. -- Jim
3d Warehouse SearchAllows user to enter search terms, and opens browser
Add Hidden LayerAdds a Layer which is hidden by default in all current and future Scenes
Arc CenterpointRight-click the edge of an Arc or Circle to create a GuidePoint
Auto CenterPointAutomatically add a centerpoint to drawn circles & polygons.
Background Color RandomizerSlowly cycle the background color
Colr ExplorerExplore colors via tags and tag search
Construction Line ToolLike the Pencil tool for Construction lines.
Custom ToolbarsAllows you to create your own Toobars
Display ShortcutsCreates an HTML file for pretty-printing your keyboard shortcuts
Equation GrapherGraphs algebraic functions
Export OutlinerExports the Group/Component Hierarchy
Follow ThisSelect a Grouped Face as the path for Follow Me
Grey ScaleSwaps material colors to greyscale equivelant
Import .ply FilesImports .ply files.
Inputbox.rbMakes using the Inputbox built-in a little nicer.
JitterRandom shift of vertices
LayOffMakes Layers visible only on the Scene in which they were added.
LDraw ImporterImports LEGO components in the LDraw format
Make Ortho ViewsCreates Orthographic views by copying and rotating the selected Group.
Map SunPlots the path of the Sun usinng Construction Points.
Model IDChange the 3D Warehouse model ID number
Model LocationSet the Latitude and Longitude for a model
Mover 2Move Groups/Components
No FacesExperimental. Deletes faces after each Tool use.
OBJ ExporterExports models to the .obj file format
OBJ ImporterImport files in the .obj file format
Observer TestsSelect and add Observers from a menu.
Point at IntersectionSelect 2 lines and Right-click to insert a ConstructionPoint at their intersection
ProtrudeOffset and protrude faces. Start of a Greeble plugin
Random LinesCreate a Grouped cube containing random lines.
Random RaysCreates random-length rays extending outward from a point.
Randomize TinAdds random height to a surface TIN
Ruby ToolbarDevelopers plugin to open and clear the Ruby Console, load and re-load scripts
Selection MemoryMemory buttons for remembering a selection set
SelectorSelects entities based on type (edge, face, group..)
Show Model OptionsPop up window showing all Model Options.
Show Shadow Info Pop up window showing the model's Shadow Information.
Simple Shellnew! Creates a shell by copying ans scaling around the center.
sine curveDraw a sine curve at the Origin
Sphere ToolAdds a Sphere option to the Draw menu
STL ImporterImports ascii and binary .stl files
Sun Tool PreviewMove the Sun across the model using the Shadow Date slider
Template UtilitiesSave current model as a Template, select and start a model from a template
The Homer ButtonPlays a Doh! sound file
Tutorial HelperCopies geometry and moves it with the camera
Unfold ToolUnfold models for papercraft, sheetmetal work
WebConsoleExecute multi-line Ruby code snippets. Load and Save.
Zoom SelectionZooms to selected objects, zooms to extents if nothing is selected. One shortcut, 2 functions.

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