Plugin: Grey Scale

This requested plugin switches the in-model material colors to grey scale, and back again. The grey color is calculated as an average of the RGB values.

The model can be saved in Grey mode, and the original colors will be preserved upon opening the model again. Color changes made in Grey mode will not be kept.

While in Grey mode, right-clicking a face will revert the face's material back to its original color.

Download here.


Evan said...

Wonderful. It would be great for a scene such as the Temple Of Time in Zelda: Wind Waker.

Jim Foltz said...

Thanks, glad you like it.

utiler said...

Just thougth I'd say another thank you Jim, yoru work is attention is really appreciated....Andrew [utiler]

idraftnz said...

Just tried this Grey scale Jim and I think its fantastic!

Regards Jeff Lummis

PS *This should be a standard feature in SU7*

Verne said...

Just started using this. It's awesome. Is there a plugin or simple way to change all of the textures at one time to a lighter shade of gray? I'm starting to use layout to generate my exterior elevations but all of the textures print out extremely dark unless I edit each texture one at a time bringing the "L" to about 95 or so. It makes for a very difficult to read copy. Any thoughts

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